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National collaboration

Food and health issues, although present worldwide, are shaped by national food cultures, legislation, politics, industry and more. And food is intertwined with society is many ways. This is why Choices wants to collaborate with experts from different sectors on national level. Such collaboration should be based on independent science to reach the greatest impact possible: a healthy diet within reach for everybody.


Science is a cornerstone for the functioning of Choices. This is illustrated through 3 aspects; concept development, implementation and monitoring & impact assessment. The development and periodic review of the international criteria is evidence-based and mapped and an excellent example of this science-based concept development. The independent International Scientific Committee is an example to reflect the importance of science in developing strategies for Choices.  Each year, Choices collects and reviews the scientific studies that have been published on the impact of its work. Download the 2019 Scientific Overview.

Services for food companies

Actions to improve nutrition, anywhere in the food system, need to be based on scientific criteria. This is also the case for food companies. Choices understands the power of the food industry to change consumer behavior. Product innovation, product positioning and communication have shown to be tools that can have a high impact. We challenge companies, both brand manufacturers and retailers, to use these tools for better nutrition. The Choices criteria are the compass to find the right direction.

Find out how Choices can help to attain your company’s nutrition & health goals by means of the criteria, with training and advice and with the Choices assessment tool.

Africa action

In Africa, nutrient profiling based labelling and policies do not exist with the exemption of Nigeria’s Heart Logo. Choices advocates to policy makers, scientists and end users in selected African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia) to increase the demand for nutrient profiling and engage them in the process of regional adaptation and application of nutrient profiling.

East-Asian action

In East Asia, six countries have implemented positive Front-of-Pack (FOP) labelling. The discussion is on creating regional coherence and mutual recognition of FOP labelling systems and complementing these with other nutrition policies such as restricted marketing and taxation. Choices has helped many countries with the development of the FOP labelling and is involved in these discussions. We bring together the positive labelling countries together on a regular basis.

European action

In Europe, the discussion on nutrient profiles and the use of these profiles in particular for front-of-pack labelling. Choices, as a global expert in nutrient profiling, is involved in these discussions. Besides, Choices brings the ten national positive logo programs in Europe together on a regular basis.

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