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Although many countries have established a series of evidence-based guidelines for a healthy diet, the assessment of individual food products in terms of their health properties remains controversial. As a consequence, consumers are often left without a clear guide when choosing what food products to buy to maintain a good state of health. Making the healthy choice the easy choice is a priority for our organization. It means making safe and healthy food and beverage products desirable by consumers and available on the market, at an affordable price.

We act as a food system innovator, in collaboration with all leading players in the food system: governments, food companies, scientists, and NGOs. By connecting and facilitating cooperation among the latter, we accelerate the transition to healthier societies in any country where we operate.

More specifically:

  • we work with national governments to promote the adoption of our criteria for the identification of the healthiest food products on the market, which are marked with our proprietary front-of-pack label.
  • We encourage food companies to become criteria users and to use our criteria to improve their food products and communication.

Small and medium companies, in particular, find it challenging to meet the increasing demand for healthy food products from consumers and thought leaders worldwide. They feel a growing pressure to facilitate the transition to healthier diets, but since they are not perceived as a credible source of health-related information, their ability to promote healthy changes is often limited.

The challenges posed by the nutrition transition are too massive to be solved by individual organizations, generating a clear need for collaboration among all actors involved in the food system.

Many governments and food companies are unsure about the best strategies that should be applied to improve the food system. They are afraid of making mistakes and bear the blame for the possible consequences.

Choices International makes it possible to overcome this inertia and enable solid decision to turn the current nutritional recommendations into actions to apply them in practice.

Get in touch with our secretariat today and discover how you can become a member of our organization or start a national program in your country.

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