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Company criteria user

Food companies can apply to become a company criteria user. The company receives the right to use the international Choices criteria for its nutrition policies and actions and to refer to these criteria in public.

Company policies for product reformulation, innovation, marketing and communication are much more credible when they are based on independent criteria that indicate which food products are most suitable to contribute to a healthier diet. And which products do not.

The criteria usership comes with an annual license fee.

Examples of Choices criteria users are the global retailer AholdDelhaize and the global service provider for the investment community MSCI.   Please see our presentation and for more details contact us to discuss how this proposition can be tailored to your company.

Training and advice

In addition to the right to use the criteria, the Choices experts are ready to advise the company in the understanding and application of the criteria by means of training and consultancy. This service can also include advice on participation in existing national logo programs.  The costs for these services will be invoiced on an hourly base.

Please contact us for more information.

Choices assessment tool

If products need not only to be assessed according to the Choices criteria but also administered or officially certified, the Choices assessment tool can be a solution.

This tool is made up of a database and a computerized assessment of food products with the international Choices criteria or any of a comparable criteria set.

Products can be submitted in the database manually or automatically. If required, a formal certificate can be produced if a product complies with the criteria. The product data are stored for monitoring and research purposes.

The assessment tool is password protected and is available in English and Mandarin.

For more information, please contact us to discuss how this assessment tool can serve your company.

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