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Nutrition criteria

To shape practical food & health policies, a differentiation is needed between healthy and unhealthy food products. Or better: between food products that do and those that do not contribute to a healthy diet. This difficult job is called nutrient profiling. Over the years, Choices has developed its own nutrient profiling methodology. This forms the basis of the Choices international criteria, as developed by the Choices International Scientific Committee.

The Choices criteria are the result of the special Choices nutrient profiling method. They are used for different purposes. Companies use them to make their products healthier, national logo programs use them as a benchmark, health authorities use them as a standard for healthy food.

The criteria are unique and internationally respected because of the following characteristics:

  • developed by the Choices International Scientific Committee, a standing committee of leading independent scientists
  • product group specific
  • cover all food products
  • revised every 4 year
  • global scope and to be nationally adapted
  • ready to use for different purposes, not only for front-of-pack labelling

The criteria are subject of constant improvement by means of the regular revision every four year. In that process the criteria are adapted to new consensus in food science and dietary recommentations, to new developments in product reformulation and food habits.

Besides, a new way of nutrient profiling has to be developed. The current nutrient profiles are focused on the prevention of life style diseases. Nowadays the double burden of malnutrition demands re-thinking of these profiles. Critical nutrients to address this double burden have to be added to the next generation of nutrient profiles.These new profiles can help health authorities, NGOs and companies to shape actions against the double burden. Choices collaborates with international organizations in the development of such new nutrient profiles.

Download the International Criteria here.

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