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Foods must keep us healthy and prevent the double burden of malnutrition. 

It should prevent diseases, not cause them. So let’s find new ways in which food can serve us well.

Collaborations with national nutrition initiatives worldwide
Percentage of the world population that will suffer from double burden of malnutrition in 2025
Percentage of food products that Australia aims at having Health Star Rating in 2025

How can I be involved in the Choices programme?

Start a national programme

To start a national programme is the smartest thing you can do to contribute to a healthier population in your country. Choices can help you in different ways. Get in touch with our international secretariat to know more.

Become a member

If your organization or food company is not a Choices partner yet, you are missing out on several advantages of our partnership opportunities.  Book a meeting with our International Programme Coordinator to discuss how to join.

Join our scientific community

Are you a scientist with a passion for public health and nutrition? Sign up to our regional scientific communities; start to network with many other scientists active in the fight against malnutrition in all its forms.

Choices re-launch webinar report

On 21st July we informed our network that Choices had completed its strategic revision, by way of the Choices re-launch webinar.  You can download the Choices re-launch webinar report here. ...

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