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The International Secretariat

The secretariat coordinates all the activities of our organization on global and regional level and implements the communication strategies of the Choices International Programme. The team is composed of experts in nutrition, communication and partnerships.

Herbert Smorenburg

Dr. Herbert Smorenburg succeeded Rutger Schilpzand as Choices' Managing Director in January 2021. Herbert has worked directly or indirectly with Choices since the early days of Choices. Herbert started his career at Unilever where he worked for 17 years in product development and nutrition & health. His last positions were Nutrition and Health Director Europe and Director Unilever Health Institute Africa, for which he was based in Ghana and South Africa. He joined The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition as Senior Manager of the Netherlands office in 2014. In the past 23 years, he has been building bridges between private and public organizations in developing and developed markets, all partnerships with a focus to improve the food system for healthier diets.

Herbert holds an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and a Ph.D. in physics (Delft University of Technology).


Bobbie Garratt

Bobbie Garratt is the Executive Assistant at Choices International. She coordinates the website, the Newsletters and takes care of the team.

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