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Choices International Foundation

The Choices International Foundation is a global organization that works primarily on a national level. It is independent and brings together people from government, science, industry and NGOs. Read here how we have organized ourselves.

The International Board

The Choices International Foundation is governed by a global Board that guarantees the independence and credibility of the organization. The Board is chaired by an independent president.

The International Scientific Committee

The high quality of the international criteria is the major responsibility of the International Scientific Committee. This Committee is fully independent and consists of leading independent scientists in nutrition, food and consumer science from different areas of the world.

The International Secretariat

The International Secretariat executes and oversees the Choices actions in the different fields of work and the different regions. Working on global level, it is also engaged in the dialogue with international organizations like WHO and many others, as well as international food companies.

Regional Bodies

Choices International collaborates with stakeholders on a national level by means of its regional hubs. In three regions: East-Asia, Africa and Europe. These hubs bridge between national and global levels.

East Asia

Choices operates through an East-Asian secretariat, based in Malaysia.


In Africa, Choices International operates through a regional secretariat based in Lagos, Nigeria, and the Choices African Nutrition Community. The actions focus on the double burden of malnutrition and national school feeding programs.


The European hub focuses on the nutrient profiling discussion in Europe and brings together the ten national positive logo programs in Europe. The European Scientific Committee consists of five creditable scientists in the field of health and nutrition.

Partners and Affiliation

Choices International has a network of established partnerships at the national level in different countries worldwide. Our organization facilitates the connection between the local government, the private sector, NGOs, and scientists. The aim is to increase the availability of healthy food products and their affordability, but also to make healthy food choices more desirable for consumers. We regularly analyze the progress made concerning the actions we agree with our partners. Our constant monitoring ensures a continued collaboration that brings a positive transformation of the national food system.

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