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Choices International Foundation collaborates with SEMEO RECFON Indonesia

Choices International Foundation collaborated with SEMEO RECFON on a Webinar Series on Healthier Food Choices. The first webinar on Strategies for prevention of Double Burden of Malnutrition in the South East Asia Region, was held on the 22nd of April 2021. Public education and awareness on food and nutrition is one of the mandates of SEMEO RECFON.

This webinar series commemorates the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of SEMEO RECFON this year. The collaboration was also strengthened by Southeast Asian Nutrition Leadership Program (SEANLP) Alumni. 

The webinar covered the areas of Impact of Front-of-pack labelling, Nutrition Plan of Action 2018 to 2030 in Southeast Asia: Application of nutrient profiling and Nutrient profiling: experiences from Indonesia. This webinar was attended by researchers, academics, students, clinicians, allied health practitioners, stakeholders from the region.

For more information on our work in East Asia, head over to our Regional Hub page.

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