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The Ten Choices Principles

The Choices International Foundation wants to be flexible and is open for collaboration with many different stakeholders in many different settings. On the other hand the Foundation has developed a clear set of basics that determine its identity. To be fully transparent about these fundamentals of the organization, the Choices Board has decided to publish these basics by means of the Ten Choices Principles.

Healthy food choices

The goal of the Choices programme is to foster healthier food choices to achieve a healthy diet, by making the healthy choice the easy choice. ‘Healthier ́ refers to the national dietary recommendations, in particular for the prevention of NCDs and malnutrition.


The Choices criteria are determined by independent leading scientists and should be revisited regularly to keep pace with nutrition science, consumer taste and product development. The impact of the Choices programme is investigated and monitored.


The Choices programme should be implemented by a strong and balanced collaboration between all stakeholders involved: governments, science, industry or NGOs.

National adaption

The Choices criteria should be adapted to the national context, to optimize the fit with consumer food habits and food supply. The programme addresses nutrition issues per country, in coherence with the national nutrition recommendations, dietary goals and nutrition policies.

Stimulation of reformulation

To guide food reformulation and innovation in a pragmatic way, the criteria are food group specific and are updated periodically.

Positive approach

Choices talks positively about food, helps consumers to choose healthier options and encourages food companies to improve their products.


The programme, which includes the communication, reformulation and a front-of-pack logo, is designed to be as simple as possible, therefore understandable for all consumers, including (health) illiterates and people with colour vision deficiencies, and fit for decisions at a glance.

Consumer communication

Implementation of the Choices programme includes interaction with consumers about healthy choices and should be integrated into the general nutrition communication.


The use of Choices programme is on a voluntary basis.

International coherence

The Choices programme does not want to be an obstacle for international trade. Therefore it promotes international coherence and mutual recognition.

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