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Choices’ Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Consumers all around the world do what they can to find healthier food options for themselves and their families. Choices wants to help them in making the healthy choice the easy choice. By indicating healthier food products, by pushing industry to improve their products and by contributing to national consumer education. Healthier, more nutritious food is necessary to prevent both non-communicable diseases and malnutrition. Therefore we find our work fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular with the goal to end hunger and malnutrition, the goal to reduce premature deaths caused by NCDs and the goal on partnerships. Because we need each other to raise impact and book progress, Choices firmly believes in public private partnerships in which participants are encouraged and facilitated in doing good for society.
In particular, Choices commits itself to contribute to:
Goal 2: Zero hunger, target 2.2
We contribute to this goal specifically by supporting national nutrition policies and by improving nutrition quality in broad sense, including both NCD and malnutrition prevention.
Goal 3: Good Health, target 3.4
The Choices criteria aim to contribute to the reduction of the premature mortality caused by non-communicable diseases by means of the reduction of saturated fat, sugar and salt.
Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals, target 17.17
All stakeholders, both companies and non-commercial players, are needed to make impact and work towards fulfilment of the SDGs.

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