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Choices member of SUN Business Network

This month, the Choices International Foundation will start collaborating as a member organisation with the Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network (SBN). Being a global organisation focused on healthier food choices, the Choices Foundation feels strongly connected to the vision and way of working of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement and in particular to the global SUN Business Network. Both organisations are passionate about improving nutrition and do so by supporting national initiatives. And both organisations are convinced that credible and successful ways of collaboration with front-runners in the food industry have to be developed to make progress.

Clémence Ross, president of the Choices International Foundation, about this emerging collaboration: “Choices is focused on impact, we want to support parents in finding healthier food options for their families. With the SUN Business Network, we have found a partner that thinks and acts in the same way. Our collaboration has already started, and promises exciting results.”   

The collaboration between Choices and SBN will focus on two areas. One is to gain more insight and develop strategies to tackle the ‘double burden of malnutrition’: the twofold challenge that most middle-income countries face by having to tackle both the persisting presence of nutrient deficiencies as well as the emerging issue of obesity and non-communicable diseases. While SBN comes from the angle of nutrient deficiencies, Choices brings in its expertise on the prevention of these non-communicable diseases.

The second area for collaboration is to support national initiatives to improve nutrition in a number of middle-income countries. National SUN Business Networks, health authorities and others that take action against this double burden of malnutrition, can from now on take advantage of the Choices programme and its experiences.

For more information: rutger.schilpzand@choicesprogramme.org

More about the SUN Business Network at http://sunbusinessnetwork.org

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