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Choices International criteria adapted slightly

At the beginning of 2019, the current Choices International Criteria Version 2019 have been published. Over the course of last year, we received various questions and comments about the criteria. This has led us to make some improvements. An important correction is on the fiber criterion for fruit juices, which was unintentionally set to 0.75g/100g. This criterion was changed back to the original figure of 0.3g/100g. Additionally, the Choices International Scientific Committee gave an additional explanation on the composition of fruit juices, by specifying that non/low-caloric sweeteners cannot be added to fruit and vegetable juices in order for these products to comply to the criteria. 

  • Furthermore, a number of technical clarifications were added to facilitate the use of the criteria: 
  • a food product does not have to comply with both the ‘added sugar’ and ‘total sugar’ criteria but to one or the other.
  • the definition of trans fat has been edited 
  • seaweed and guacamole were added as examples to the description of ‘Processed and dried fruits and vegetables’  
  • processed eggs were added as an example to the description of ‘Processed meat and meat products’  
  • meal kits were added as an example to the description of ‘Main meals’  
  • bulgur was added as an example to the description of ‘Grains’.  

The updated version of the criteria document can be downloaded here.

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