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Ahold Delhaize expands partnership with the Choices International Foundation

The Choices International Foundation and Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV are pleased to announce a collaboration with the Ahold Delhaize brands operating in Southeastern Europe and Indonesia. This agreement builds on the work the Choices International Foundation carries out with the Ahold Delhaize brands in Belgium and in the Czech Republic, aiming to further support the use of the Choices nutrition criteria as an international benchmark for ‘healthier’ products. Ahold Delhaize has a target of 50% healthy products in own brand sales by 2020.


The Choices International Foundation provides information to the brands that are looking for new ways to communicate about healthier products in--store to help customers make informed choices. The Choices International Foundation warmly welcomes this collaboration and looks forward to strengthening the promotion of health-related efforts in the highly-influential retail sector.

For further information:  Choices International Foundation – Rutger Schilpzand, rutger.schilpzand@choicesprogramme.org; phone +31 651 789 677.

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