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FG, UN to transform food systems in Nigeria

The federal government of Nigeria and the United Nations have renewed their commitments to improving the food systems in Nigeria. The plan is to transform the food systems to be more inclusive, equitable and sustainable.  

Olusola Idowu, the National Convenor of Nigeria Food Systems Summit Dialogues, at a journalist webinar held on the 9th of February 2021, began by explaining how the Nigerian government and the UN are collaborating with other stakeholders to transform the nation’s food systems.   

She continued by drawing a picture of how the process will take place, saying that National Food Summit Dialogues will be organized, and contributions will be gotten during these dialogues on how to achieve sustainable food systems and food security in the country, noting that the dialogues will also provide ideas on how to assess the progress of the programs. 

Choices International, in collaboration with the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF), contributed to this national dialogue under the Action track 2: Shift to healthy and sustainable consumption patterns. Choices discussed how nutrition criteria- based food system actions can be used to improve nutrition security and address malnutrition in all its forms in Nigeria. Specifically, how Choices’ nutrient profiling methodology supporting the NHF’s Heart Logo, can be used or extended to support this transition.  News link.  

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