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Choices African Nutrition Community first year experience

At the beginning of this year Choices created a platform for the younger generation of nutritionists in Africa to contribute to addressing nutrition challenges in the continent. The community has grown to more than 200 members from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and Mozambique.  We are thrilled to share the experiences of some of our CANC members thus far and their expectations for the coming year 2021.

"I would say CANC has been so far an interesting mix of education, awareness, and an intriguing response to the wake-up call of the members regarding Nutrition and Food Science. At the same time, it is also a symbol of oneness, bringing together diverse people from across Africa and the globe with a single aim of ending the double burden of malnutrition. I look forward to more purposeful networking, and the availability of related opportunities like volunteering, internships and mentorship programs."  Maygail Boatemaa Darteh, Ghana

"My experience as a member of the CANC has been eye-opening and exciting. I remember attending one of the webinars on Career Development in nutrition in August, it was life-changing for me. It fills my heart with joy that CANC has considered the voices of young nutritionists in Africa. I deeply appreciate it!" Linda Ondachi, Kenya

"CANC has served as an eye opener for me in understanding the cause and effects of the double burden of malnutrition, and the actions to be put in place in tackling this issue in Africa. I look forward to more programs and awareness from CANC, focusing on the double burden of malnutrition until the government and relevant stakeholders put in place needed policies that ensure food and nutrition security." Nwonye Okemudi Gabriel, Nigeria

"It is indeed a great privilege to be part of CANC, as this has helped me to have great understanding on the double burden of malnutrition in Africa, and also how this problem could be tackled by advocating for better policies from the government. CANC webinar programs has helped in self-development and given insight on the importance of mentorship. In 2021, I hope to see improvement in the double burden of malnutrition in Africa with increased awareness, reduced mortality rates due to malnutrition and production of healthy foods in Africa with appropriate labelling." Florence Ogwuche, Nigeria

"The contribution of the CANC to my career this year was beyond my expectations. I learned a lot from the community, where different people from different countries shared their ideas, innovations and nutrition challenges in their respective countries. Also, now I have an understanding of global nutrition from the webinars hosted by the CANC team. The sessions were beneficial and interesting! I appreciate the work done by Choices in promoting nutrition awareness in Africa and I expect to learn more in 2021." Mizero Olivier, Rwanda 

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