Scientific Committees

In order to further encourage food product innovation and reformulation, the Choices Programme's nutritional criteria are periodically reviewed by Choices Scientific Committees. To do so, they take into account the latest developments in nutritional science and within the market.

There are three levels of Scientific Committees: international, regional and national.  The international and regional committees can be contacted by email.

The International Scientific Committee (ISC) develops the international criteria and is composed of five renowned independent food and nutrition scientists from various regions. 

The Regional Scientific Committees are made up of renowned scientists from a specific region. Currently, a Regional Scientific Committee is in place in Europe.

Each Regional Scientific Committee determines the criteria for its region, according to the original international criteria and suggestions from the National Scientific Committees. The Regional Scientific committees bring forward any suggestions for deviations from the international criteria. It is then up to the International Scientific Committee to decide whether these regional deviations can be authorised.

For more detailed information on one or more of the National Scientific Committees, please consult the national Choices websites

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Sylvie van den Assum
Scientific Secretary
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