The Choices International Foundation supports national initiatives for healthier food choices, maintains the integrity of the programme and represents the programme at an international level. The Choices International Foundation is also the first point of reference for information and research relating to positive front-of-pack nutrition logos and nutritional criteria.

Its objective is to support national programmes that promote healthier food choices by means of reformulation, a front-of-pack logo and consumer education. The national bodies govern the programme implementation and industry participation in the programme individually.

The organization structure shows the independent and equal position of the three divisions of the Foundation: the Board, the science and the industry.

The Choices International Scientific committee consists of leading nutritional scientist from all corners of the world. Their main task is to keep the Choices criteria up to date by a periodical revision and to review national adaptions of the criteria. Their work is facilitated by the Choices Secretariat.

The Choices International Board is responsible for the strategy of the Foundation and its implementation, including the budget. The Board is composed of an independent board president, representatives of Choices member countries and the chair of the international scientific committee.

Food companies are not represented on the Board. Our industry members are organized in the Industry Support Group, the Scientific Advisory Group and the Implementation Advisory Group and strictly have an advisory role within the Choices organisation.  The Industry Support Group is engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the Board about the strategy. The Scientific Advisory Group advises the Choices secretariat on the practical and technical feasibility of the Choices criteria. The Implementation Advisory Group, in which experts from the industry members participate, is there to help the secretariat in national implementation and global advocacy.

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