Summary of Changes resulting from the 2018 criteria revision

The 2018 revision resulted in the following changes in the international criteria.


Product group classifications                                                  

Product group classifications were changed for 3 reasons:

  1. To enhance global applicability:

  • Meat substitutes were removed from Meat category and placed in products groups according their main component
  • The product group ‘Bread toppings’ was deleted and products were classified according to their main component
  • ‘Edible insects’ was created as a separate product group
  • Sources of carbohydrates were reclassified (for example ‘Flavored noodles’ and ‘Tubers’, used as a source of carbohydrates, were added)
  1. To create an intuitively logical system for consumers
  • ‘Small meals’ and ‘Main courses’ were combined into ‘Main meals’  
  • Created a separate group for ‘Non-dairy milk substitutes’  which was previously part of ‘Milk products’
  1. To optimally stimulate reformulation by industry:
  • The product group ‘Dark sauces’ was created to stimulate industry to reduce sodium in, for example, soy sauce
  • ‘Snacks’ was separated into ‘Sweet snacks’ and ‘Savory snacks’


Decrease of specific nutrient values

Nutrient values were decreased for 11 product groups and 16 nutrients.


Increase of specific nutrient values

Nutrient limits were increased for 2 product groups (and nutrients).

  • SAFA for grains to include all kinds of grain (from ≤ 1.1 g/100g to ≤ 1.2 g/100g)
  • Sodium in unprocessed meat, poultry, eggs to make eggs compliant (from ≤ 100 mg/100g to ≤ 150 mg/100g)
  • Sodium for fresh fish to include more shellfish (from ≤ 130 mg/100g to ≤ 300 mg/100g)


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