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The diet for spaceship Earth

“This is the first attempt to set universal scientific targets for the food system that apply to all people and the planet” says the report Food, Planet, Health issued by the EAT Forum and the Lancet end of January. Food production and food consumption need to change dramatically. According to the report, unhealthy diets are the greatest risk of morbidity and mortality on earth and are the greatest threat to planetary sustainability.

But fortunately, there is hope. A healthy diet for a world population with increasing purchasing power, that remains within the boundaries of the planet is possible, under clear conditions. A fundamental dietary shift is needed, next to halving food waste and far-reaching improvements in agricultural production practices.

The dietary shift means more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. And a reduction in animal products (meat, poultry, eggs, fish), in particular, red meat, as well as a 50% reduction of sugar. Specified to global regions, this means that the reduction of animal products and in particular red meat has to take place primarily in North America and Europe. In several regions in Asia and Africa, the consumption of animal products should even be encouraged for nutrition reasons or accepted for cultural reasons.

These dietary recommendations correspond closely to the Choices criteria, that also promotes fruits. vegetables, legumes and nuts and discourages the intake of sugar.
More information about the EAT/Lancet report can be found at https://eatforum.org/eat-lancet-commission/

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