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CLYMBOL study: priorities for future front-of-pack health claims and symbols

The 4-year EU-funded research project CLYMBOL studied the presence and consumer understanding of claims and symbols, as well as its impact on consumer understanding and behaviour across Europe. Choices has participated in this project. It included more than 20 empirical studies, that generated a large number of evidence-based policy and communication recommendations. All these recommendations have been evaluated by 100 European stakeholders from science, business, government, NGOs, to produce a priority list for the successful future development of front-of-pack labels and health claims.

Highest on the priority list is to keep it as simple as possible: consumers favour health claims with shorter and less complex messages and health symbols with a visible endorsement. In addition claims and symbols must be scientifically substantiated.

Policy should give priority on improving consumer motivation and interest in healthy eating, by adopting appropriate strategies such as using multi-channel communication and innovative communication tools.

These results underline the Choices principles that focus on simplicity, adequate consumer education and a positive attitude towards food.

Source: Nutrients 201911(2), 403; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu11020403

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