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Promoting a better diet is the most feasible and cost-effective way to reduce NCD’s

May 29th, 2018

The return on investments of reducing unhealthy diets turns out to be the most cost-effective and feasible of all proposed interventions to prevent and control NCD's. Even more effective than reducing alcohol consumption (9.13 US$), targeting lower tobacco use (7.43 US$) and managing cardiovascular diseases (3.29 US$).

To achieve better eating habits, the WHO identifies front-of-pack food labelling as an effective and valuable intervention, along with reformulation of food, improve meal quality in hospitals, schools and workplaces, and consumer education by mass media campaigns.

Choices International welcomes these conclusions, that underline the effectiveness of the focus on reformulation FOP labelling and consumer education. An integrated package of these three actions might promise an even higher effectiveness.

Source: Saving lives, spending less: a strategic response to noncommunicable diseases - WHO/NMH/NVI/18.8.

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