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CLYMBOL Research Reveals Need for More Data on Effect of FOP Logos on Purchasing Behavior

October 5th, 2017

A recent study led by Associate Professor Sinne Smed in the Department of Food and Research Economics at the University of Copenhagen and published in the British Food Journal shed some light on how consumers who purchase products with nutrition symbols differ from other consumers with respect to socio-demographic characteristics. Using a representative panel of households in Denmark and the Netherlands, researchers examined purchasing habits across six product types, matching purchaser data with product labelling status.

Results showed that households with children are less likely to purchase labelled products, but urban dwellers were more likely to purchase them. In Denmark, there is a positive correlation between education level and logo purchases and in the Netherlands, there is a positive correlation with income. However, researchers conclude there is little evidence that these characteristics offer a clear explanation of purchasing behaviour and urge more studies on the effect of FOP logos on actual product choices.

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