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The Choices International Foundation is a globally operating Foundation, aimed at supporting national initiatives to foster healthier food choices including a positive front-of-pack logo. The global organisation is composed of the Board, the International Scientific Committee, the Industry Support Group and the secretariat. The organisation has a fully online structure, without an office.

The Choices International Secretariat has three tasks:

  1. Stakeholder management and secretariat coordination
  2. Scientific support
  3. Communication

The Secretariat is seeking a nutrition expert in the role of Scientific Secretary, for 3-4 days per week.  The position will commence asap.

Tasks: The Choices Scientific Secretary services the Choices scientific infrastructure, i.e.

  • running the secretariat of the International and Regional Scientific Committees and the Scientific Advisory Group
  • support of the use and development of the international criteria, including its adaptation in national criteria and the regular criteria revision by ISC
  • coordination of the science-based secretariat actions, such as the composition of the annual Research Overview and participation in scientific studies
  • supervision of interns and trainees of the Choices secretariat who execute a study or support the scientific activities
  • monitor global scientific developments in the areas of food and nutrition sciences
  • contribute from the science angle to the regular Choices communication in a newsletter, twitter, website and presentations.

Required qualities:

  • MSc level in nutrition
  • 1 year of experience in relevant fields
  • Interest in bridging between science, industry, government and NGOs
  • Fluent in English
  • Willingness to undertake international travel and irregular working hours
  • Pragmatic, flexible, cooperative
  • Able to work independently and be prepared to work in an online environment.

For further information contact:

Rutger Schilpzand, Coordinator, Choices Secretariat

Phone: +31 651 789 677

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