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China Launches Positive Front of Pack Logo

November 7th, 2017

Criteria and Approach Based Largely on Choices, Launch Marks New Partnership

A working group of scientists and health officials from the Chinese Nutrition Society, under the leadership of the Choices International Scientific Committee member Prof. Yang Yuexin, have launched a positive front-of-pack logo program, aimed at helping consumers in China make healthier choices and stimulating the industry to innovate and develop healthier products.

The Chinese Nutrition Society aimed to improved dietary habits related to non-communicable diseases resulting from intake of foods that exceed recommendations for fat, saturated fatty acids (SAFA), sodium and sugar. After researching front-of-pack labelling since 2007 and holding workshops with the Choices International Foundation in 2014, the Chinese Nutrition Society launched its own Healthier Choice program, based on a nutrient profiling scheme and implementation plan largely aligned with the Choices criteria and approach. An important and appropriate difference is that the criteria are customized to Chinese dietary patterns and products available on the Chinese market. Following the program launch, food manufacturer technical trainings, retailer trainings and consumer education campaigns will take place.

While Prof. Yang has served in a scientific capacity within the Choices International Foundation, this marks a closer collaboration and partnership between the two organizations. Both the Choices International Foundation and Chinese Nutrition Society aim to improve public health by guiding consumers towards healthier food choices and stimulating industry reformulation. Both organizations also aim to show leadership in non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention.

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