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Choices member of SUN Business Network

November 29th, 2018

This month, the Choices International Foundation will start collaborating as a member organisation with the Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network (SBN). Being a global organisation focused on healthier food choices, the Choices Foundation feels strongly connected to the vision and way of working of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement and in particular to the global SUN Business Network. Both organisations are passionate about improving nutrition and do so by supporting national initiatives. And both organisations are convinced that credible and successful ways of collaboration with front-runners in the food industry have to be developed to make progress.

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The Dutch Choices programme, ‘Ik kies bewust’ ends

October 18th, 2018

After October 18 2018, food and beverage producers are no longer allowed to print the Choices logo in The Netherlands on their packages. This follows the decision of the Dutch Ministry of Health of 2016 to end their support for the programme. The foundation that governed the Dutch Choices programme, ‘Ik kies bewust’,  will also cease to exist as of this day.

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NCDs and Malnutrition

September 14th, 2018

Gradually the nutrition & health agenda of most countries in the world are dominated by non-communicable diseases. In preparation of the UN Summit on NCDs at 27 September in New York, the UN calculated that half of the avoidable deaths caused by NCDs take place in middle-income countries. This shows the importance to accelerate the NCD prevention actions in these countries. In the last 5 years Choices has gradually shifted its focus from western countries to East-Asia and Africa.

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