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Looking to compare nutrition logos in an easy-to-use and comprehensive way?

March 15th, 2019

A model has been developed by Daphne van der Bend, that enables extensive and structural comparisons between different nutrition profiling systems and logos; the funnel model. In her latest paper, that just has been published, she used this model to analyze the similarities and differences of functional and visual aspects of the European logo initiatives currently in practice or in preparation. This analysis has been made upon request by the Fourth European Positive Logo Round Table (January 2018). 

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CLYMBOL study: priorities for future front-of-pack health claims and symbols

February 20th, 2019

The 4-year EU-funded research project CLYMBOL studied the presence and consumer understanding of claims and symbols, as well as its impact on consumer understanding and behaviour across Europe. Choices has participated in this project. It included more than 20 empirical studies, that generated a large number of evidence-based policy and communication recommendations. All these recommendations have been evaluated by 100 European stakeholders from science, business, government, NGOs, to produce a priority list for the successful future development of front-of-pack labels and health claims.

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The diet for spaceship Earth

February 12th, 2019

“This is the first attempt to set universal scientific targets for the food system that apply to all people and the planet” says the report Food, Planet, Health issued by the EAT Forum and the Lancet end of January. Food production and food consumption need to change dramatically. According to the report, unhealthy diets are the greatest risk of morbidity and mortality on earth and are the greatest threat to planetary sustainability.

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