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Does a diet that complies with the criteria of front-of-pack-labels help reduce cholesterol levels?

May 10th, 2012

On 16 November 2011, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an article highlighting a recent modelling study assessing whether the consumption of a diet complying with front-of-pack label criteria could help reduce cholesterol levels.

National food consumption and food composition data were used to estimate the nutrient intake of the Dutch adult population (18–70 years) before and after replacing foods that did not comply with the Choices front-of-pack label criteria. Different scenarios were established, and tested by meta-analyses' equations that calculate how blood lipids are affected by changes in diet composition.

Independently of all other positive health outcomes, the results suggest that that the consumption of foods complying with the Choices criteria could contribute moderately to reducing cardiovascular risk by lowering blood lipid levels.

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FLABEL Project releases final results

May 10th, 2012

The Food Labelling to Advance Better Education for Life (FLABEL) project has released its final results. These show that despite an ample amount of easily understood nutrition information on food labels in Europe, a certain lack of motivation and attention by consumers prevents these labels from having a positive impact on food choices. Learn more about the project and its results.

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Choices Brazil’s Forum on Building Healthier Brands was a success

May 8th, 2012

On 20 September 2011, Choices Brazil organised a forum in São Paolo – Building Healthier Brands – dedicated to the theme of trends and innovation in the food industry. The objective was to highlight the Choices Programme to target companies and provide an overview of innovation studies, guidelines, tools and solutions for major food companies. This forum – which brought together food and beverage executives specialised in Marketing and Research & Development – also provided an excellent opportunity to discuss and highlight the latest food and drink trends. Over 150 participants attended, representing companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Cargill, Danone and many others. Representatives from Nielsen, Health Focus International and Innova Market Insights were also present. The chairman of the Choices International Foundation, Pavel Telička, presented the Choices Programme as a means of building a healthier brand.

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