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Input Requested for Choices International Criteria Revision

August 7th, 2017

To keep pace with global developments, the Choices International Criteria has to be revised every four years.  The Choices International Scientific Committee begins its 2017/2018 criteria revision process now.  We welcome any comments or insights to be taken into consideration as input for their work. 

As a reminder, the international criteria, which is updated every 3-4 years, serves two important purposes:

1)  As a basis for regional or national scientific committees to use when establishing criteria that more specifically meet unique local dietary needs and market situations.

2)  As a methodology or starting point for countries or producers to establish credible, independent criteria as a nutrient profiling to implement front-of-pack labelling or product reformulation.

We welcome any feedback or insights you have on the current criteria, which can be downloaded here.  Comments may include anything from changes to the existing text, product group definitions or nutrient levels to important policy or scientific advances that should be considered today or in the near future. Comments will be compiled and presented to the Choices International Scientific Committee, who will determine the new criteria.

Please send any comments via email to by 10th September 2017.  We look forward to your comments and thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Belgian Choices Criteria Gets an Update

July 19th, 2017

The Belgian Scientific Committee for Choices is pleased to announce the latest revision of its national criteria. Many of the changes, such as listing all nutrient measurements in grams per 100g, tightening sodium levels, and including added sugars where relevant, align with the most recent international criteria. In other changes, such as changing criteria from sodium to salt and proposing upper limits for artificial sweeteners, the Committee took their own decisions compared with the international criteria. The next step is to present the criteria to the Belgian Ministry of Health as contribution to the national conversation on front-of-pack labelling. We are grateful for the scientific committee members for their dedication and support.

Download a copy of the revised criteria here.

Student Internship or Masters Thesis Opportunity - Nutrition Criteria Development

July 19th, 2017


The International Scientific Committee (ISC) of the Choices International Foundation is preparing for the next revision of its international nutrition criteria. These product group specific criteria serve as the basis for the Choices Programme, which uses a positive front-of-pack logo to stimulate product reformulation and guide consumers toward healthier choices. As part of the criteria revision process, a number of analyses must be conducted to identify how products currently in the marketplace comply to the current criteria and where changes can/should be made. The ISC seeks a trainee or intern who can work together with the ISC support team on the following activities:

  • Analysis of current product data and application of Choices criteria
  • Update and define new database
  • Literature search and review on current developments in nutrition recommendations and consensus on NCD prevention
  • Analysis of feedback from internal and external stakeholders
  • Draft reports and complete other tasks as needed

The time commitment is approximately 4-6 months, half to full time, beginning as soon as possible. This opportunity can be considered part of a student internship or master’s thesis and includes a stipend. The successful candidate will gain hands-on experience in nutrition criteria development, database management, criteria analysis and literature review for an international multi-stakeholder organization. The role will be virtual (most communication via telephone, video conference or email) with occasional face-to-face meetings as needed. 


  • Current student (master or PhD) studying nutrition or dietetics
  • Experience in data analysis, literature review, dietary patterns
  • Understanding of general principles of front-of-pack labelling, product reformulation, etc


Please send motivation and CV to

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