The Choices Programme is open to all sectors of the food industry - from manufacturers to retailers and caterers - regardless of their size.

The overall objective of the programme is to encourage healthy consumer choices and healthy product innovation so that the nutritional content of food products is in line with the set of internationally-qualifying criteria.

These criteria – which are based on international dietary guidelines and periodically reviewed by an independent International Scientific Committee - take into account the levels of saturated and trans fatty acids, added sugar, salt and dietary fibre of food products. The criteria can be used as benchmarks for product reformulation, healthy product offerings and positive front-of-pack labelling. 

The positive front-of-pack logo highlights the efforts made by participating companies and caterers to encourage healthy eating habits, and allows consumers to quickly identify the healthy food product options. The Choices logo is currently found on approximately 7000 food and beverage products of more than 120 companies. These numbers continue to grow, making the Choices Programme a truly global initiative.

The Choices Programme relies on:

  • transparent nutrition criteria developed by leading independent scientists;
  • independent research which substantiates the impact of Choices on healthier food supply, healthier consumer choices and improved nutrient intakes;
  • a positive logo which makes the healthy choice easy to distinguish throughout all food categories.

Participation in the Choices Programme is regulated at country level, through a national Choices foundation which assists with guidelines, tools and materials specifically tailored to a country's language and culture. The Choices International Foundation serves as the umbrella body of all the national Choices Foundations and represents the Programme at the international level.

Have a look at our flyer for a quick overview on the Choices Programme. If you wonder what the added value of joining might be, read the ten reasons to become a member of the Choices Programme

Dutch Choices logo communication

Watch this video and see how the Dutch Choices logo (Vinkje) is communicated to the public.

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